How I came up with my title

When I started blogging, during fall 2013, I didn’t know exactly what the blog would turn out to be. I didn’t have a plan. I just wrote, not often enough, about anything that came to mind. It could be thoughts here and there, some inspirational posts, something about my life. Continue reading


Who I am and why I’m here

Hello. I must have forgotten to introduce myself a long time ago (though there is an about page on the blog but it’s not much). My name is Andrea.

I am a Management undergraduate student in Northern UK. This does not say much about me though. I asked friends and family to come up with some words/characteristics that describe me. Some answers included determined, a very good friend, chic, feminine, hard-working. Does that help in introducing myself? I guess not. A few adjectives to describe myself won’t help you understand who I am. So I will try to give you some more information.

I was born on a very hot day in the most beautiful Mediterranean island; Cyprus (I’m biased, I know). I was raised in said beautiful island and at the age of eighteen moved to the UK to study Management. I now travel back and forth for holidays and family gatherings. Do I miss Cyprus? Of course I do. Do I regret moving? Not even a little.

Now, adding some more background: I started taking ballet classes when I was four (or was it six?). You will wonder why this is important to mention. Well, though at the moment I can say with regret that I am no longer taking ballet classes regularly, up until recently ballet was regarded as one of my primary hobbies. Other hobbies I love and still engage in during my free time include reading, lots of reading, singing (in the shower and out of it), and blogging.

And this brings me to the other question I want to answer with this post. Why I’m here? I started blogging about two years ago, during my first year in university. I didn’t blog regularly, as I try to do today. The reason I started back then was because I love writing and thought I should give it a try. Although I still love writing, my goals for this blog have now changed.

I want to include in this blog some of my thoughts, which is the other reason I started it on the first place. But I also want to include career-related posts such as tips during an internship etc. I plan on writing about traveling as well, when I find the time to travel and about any cultural happenings I might attend over the year. I also want to write a bit about fashion and start reviewing books. This gives the blog a variety of posts and can cater to different people.

I am a high achiever and a goal-oriented person. Both these attributes mean that I set goals and work hard to accomplish them. My main goal moving forwards with this blog is, in fact, to move forward. I want to witness progress and not stay in the same position. I hope to gain views and visitors and to have people reading my blog regularly. And I will work hard to achieve both.

A ballerina who hasn’t forgotten how to dance

Ever since I was a little girl, I took ballet lessons. I’ve been dancing ballet for twelve years, give or take. But my university workload and new way of life seemed too challenging in order for ballet to fit in it as well. So for the last two years, I just took every opportunity to take ballet lessons whenever I returned back to Cyprus for a few weeks.

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An act of selflessness

During the weekend, I went down to the beach with my uncle to get tanned and have some fun. My uncle, who definitely happens to be cooler than yours, has a great gift. He can balance a great social life, a demanding job and volunteering for two great causes. How he does it, I simply don’t know. What I do know is that he is the kind of person who would combine fun with friends and fundraising for the children of Cyprus and Kenya.

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